Red Mulberry Tree Habitat

Red mulberry trees are commonly found on the East Coast of North America.  They can be found as far north as Canada and as far south as Texas.  This medium sized tree produces an abundance of edible red fruit, and is not very demanding or hard to grow.


The red mulberry tree thrives in moist wooded areas, shady spots, and along riverbanks and ravines.  It prefers sheltered areas, but as long as the area is moist enough, it will do well pastures and along fences.  The tree is not very susceptible to disease or pests in its native habitat, and it makes a great option for your own garden.


Red mulberry trees are not very picky about the soil in which they grow.  They can grow in sandy, clay, and nutrient rich soil.  It is not very drought tolerant, but thrives in most soil as long as it is moist.  The seeds are spread when birds eat the fruit, so seedlings will often pop up around the area near the trees.


Red mulberry trees are at home in shaded areas, but will do fine in the sun too.  As long as the soil is moist, red mulberry trees can stand the heat.


Red mulberry trees are known for their ornamental value, but their best offering is their fruit.  Squirrels and birds love the fruit, as well as humans!  The red mulberry can be made into pies, jams and jellies, and added to ice cream.

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